How to open a bottle of wine gracefully?

2016-12-09 09:00:51

Cork stoppers were not invented by modern men, but the Romans used corks, but their methods of use were lost.

Shakespeare wrote "happy" the end of the 16th century, cork has been very common, the script of Rosalind said: "I really want to pull the cork from your mouth, so I can taste your mouth gush The tide. "

But if there is no open bottle of tools, Rosalind read the thought can only stop there. So how to remove the cork from the bottle is a matter of concern must be.

"Wine World," a book written, the first time mentioned that the bottle opener in 1681, it was described as "a cork used to pull out from the bottle of steel insects." Not seen the only "steel insects," the real body, but presumably it was given to the British pastor Samuel reference, on the basis of the design of the first patented wine bottle opener.

In 1795, SamuelHenshall won the first bottle opener invention patent. Later, the British constantly invented the new bottle opener, perhaps because the patent application is not laborious, perhaps a little improvement should be encouraged, throughout the nineteenth century, the United Kingdom a total of hundreds of bottle opener patents. Of course, in addition to the British, but also the contribution of other national inventors.

In 1882, the German inventor Carl Wienke invented the "Waiter's Friend Friend Friend", also patented.

In 1888, H.S.Heeley invented the airfoil opener, named "A1 Heeley Double Lever".

If you want to see these old and exquisite opener, there are museums can go, such as the French Musée du Tire-Bouchon, or the Spanish Museo Vivanco de la Cultura del Vino.

Old wine opener. Now the market can see there are many kinds of bottle opener, you want to open a drink, we must first know how to use them, and open bottle of elegance, in addition to experience, depends on whether you choose the opener.

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